How I Got Here


After born on September 14, 2001, at the University of Washington, my father moved us to Brussels, Belgium due to his job. While we lived there my brother, Nicholas, and my sister, Julia, were born. In Brussels, I attended the International School of Brussels where I attempted and failed to learn French along with my fellow preschool expatriates. Then, after six years of frites and waffles, we moved back to Seattle, again for my father’s career.

Life in Seattle was great, to put it short. I made new friends, many of whom are still my closest today, played new sports like lacrosse and wrestling, and most importantly indulged in the world class the city is known for. I attended Lakeridge elementary, Islander Middle school, and Mercer Island High School, where I discovered a passion for engineering and history (WWI is my favorite period). Through my time there I also became a boy scout, and together with my father participated in numerous camping trips, service projects, and lessons in outdoor skills like orienteering. The experiences tied to Seattle some which will always stick with me and have shaped me into the person I am today.

Finally, the time has come to begin the search for a college to attend. Be it big or small, famous or inconspicuous, I am open to all schools. My goal with this bio is to express a very dumbed down version of my life story in order to allow people to understand where I have come from and give them an idea of where I should go.